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Free Estimates

Please contact me if you wish to arrange a quote. I'm well located to cover Uttlesford, north-west Essex and East Herts. I can give you an idea of cost if you email a photograph or I can arrange a visit.

Refurbish and Recover

I will give you advice about whether a piece should be refurbished or simply recovered rather than stripping back completely to the frame. The ethos of my business is to give sound advice, excellent service, and have content returning customers.


I am able to completely re-upholster a range of styles and periods. This means carefully removing old covers, peeling back the layers to reveal the frame. I can apply traditional methods unchanged in the last 100 years to your treasured antique or modern styles of upholstery.


Just let me know your requirements and I can offer a bespoke cushion making service. Ranging from bolster to box cushions.

Frame Repair and Polishing

I am able to undertake a range of sympathetic repairs to chair frames and sort out any wobbles your beloved chair might have? I can also clean, polish and revitalise any show wood.

Leather Repair and Restoration

If your leather seating is damaged with a scuff, rip or general wear and tear. I can sympathetically repair and colour match. I can also offer general cleaning and conditioning treatments for your leather chairs 


This is where my training as a fine artist comes in handy. I am able to paint any woodwork on your piece and advise you on finishes. Paint is a highly versatile medium and I am also skilled in painting quality cotton with permanent dyes/pigment to create completely unique pieces.

Button Making, Trimmings

I can make and match buttons exactly to suit your piece of furniture. I can show you examples of trimmings and finishing touches you can apply to your furniture.


I can accommodate delivery of small to medium items. For larger pieces of furniture please contact me to discuss your requirements. 

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